19 Jun 2016

Hello!  We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website www.jjinsuranceagency.com. Our goal was to display what we do so very well.  Did you know we insure auto repair and auto body shops?  We are also very good at contractor’s insurance, such as roofing and carpentry. The new site is 100% mobile friendly and responsive to today’s computer devices. Getting high quality insurance at an affordable rate just got easier.  Look at the coverages we offer, maybe we can help? Perhaps you have a friend that could use our services?

We are proud of the services and insurance programs we provide Minnesota residents and businesses.  Shopping multiple top rated carriers to provide you with the best coverage, yet budget friendly.
Ask some questions, it always free.  Request an insurance quote.  Expect first class service and very affordable rates.
Thank you,

JJ Insurance Agency